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Volunteer Opportunities

Your time and talent is essential in creating a strong, supportive school community. Please consider ways in which you can become involved. No matter how or when you are able to volunteer, every individual who volunteers contributes to the same goal...enhancing the educational experience of the children of North Kingstown!


If interested in any of these opportunities please contact us.

You MUST also provide a BCI in order to volunteer in any school in any capacity.

MentorPlacement is for one hour/one time per week during school hours.

Mentors are caring adults who get to know and become a friend and role model to a student through one-to-one meetings. Meetings take place on school grounds, during school hours only. Individuals complete an extensive screening process that includes application, interview, reference checks, and National Background check. Training required and provided.

Academic Reading and Math Guide: Placement is for at least one hour/one time per week, more frequently if possible.
Academic Guides provide assistance to Elementary level teachers. Guides provide one-to-one or small group attention to students in a classroom setting to enhance their understand of the concepts being covered in class. 

Child Outreach Screener: Placement time commitment varies based on volunteer’s schedule.

LINKS recruits child outreach screeners for the Office of Family Learning (OFL) runs Child Outreach Services Program. Volunteers visit area preschools and work directly with children in a screening process that identifies needs for additional services. Time commitment is two to four hours per week several times a month as screener’s schedule permits. Training required and provided. 

LINKS in partnership with Southern Rhode Island Volunteers

Southern Rhode Island Volunteers (SRIV) is a community partner of LINKS, supporting the Mentor and Academic Guide programs by referring retired and senior volunteers.

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